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November 18, 2010

Post Work-out Snack

Post Work-Out Snack!

This, sometimes, is what will take me through a work-out. Just thinking that when I am done, I will get to sit down and enjoy a nice bowl of fresh fruit with a couple of teaspoons of plain yogourt.

And when I’ve been really really good, like tonight, I will even sprinkle a little bit of pure cane sugar on top. LOOOOVE that stuff!

November 15, 2010

Refreshing Drink

This is one of my favorite post-workout drinks. When I’m all done and showered up and I get to relax, sit down in front of TV, watch one or two episodes of the Gilmore Girls with my daughter. Sooooo refreshing!

It’s got fresh cranberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries (I use whatever berries I have on hand), a little bit of low cal cranberry juice and Club Soda.

November 14, 2010

Protein Pancakes

Pancakes for breakfast!

I usually have cereal for breakfast. Day in, day out. Oh, not the store bought kind of stuff, of course, I make my own. I’ve been eating cereal every morning for the past, well, at least 10 months, and I just can’t seem to get bored with it. In fact, I look forward to my morning bowl every single day. And I dream about tomorrow’s bowl every single night.

So I had a hard time making the change this morning. However, I really felt like making pancakes and creating a nice plate with fruits and stuff. I usually have that for dinner, but given the fact that the lighting is so crappy here at night, I wanted to take nice pictures of what I consider to be a darn good looking meal! I mean, hey, who wouldn’t go for that? Best part is, they’re healthy as can be!

The pancake itself is made with oats, buckwheat flour, eggwhites, water, whey protein, pinch of salt and baking powder. Then, you have fruits, which contain nothing but, well, fruit! I like to eat my pancakes with a few tablespoons of Plain Yogourt (I like the Balkan Style) and a drizzle of honey. This morning, I chose Apple Blossom.

This is a picture of my actual set-up, where I sat down and enjoyed breakfast this morning. What the pictures don’t say is I screwed up and poured coffee in my tea (YUCK) but no big deal, I chucked it and fixed myself another cup!

I don’t regret making this decision one bit, and I think I may find myself eating pancakes for breakfast on the week-ends more often now.

Don’t that look yummy to you?

Pancakes with Fruit
Protein Pancakes and Fruit