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March 19, 2011

My favorite snack of the moment

This has become a big favorite of mine lately. I would say I have this snack at least 5 times a week, although I often replace the toast with a few unsalted peanuts. The taste of the apple mixed with that of the almond butter and cinnamon is really interesting.

I find Red Delicious or Gala work best for this combination, but I think any apple could work, really. Likewise, I tend to use almond butter, but any nut butter would do the trick. Whatever direction you decide to take, this is a great way to keep your tummy happy when lunch is far gone and dinner seems so far away!



November 19, 2010


Man, I love fruit! This was tonight’s post work-out snack.

As for supper, well, sorry, there will be no picture tonight: I had leftover quinoa from the other night and I didn’t even bother to reheat it, it was just as good right out of the fridge.

Now I think it’s way worth my taking the time to write the recipe down for future reference. I shall do that and edit my initial post!

November 18, 2010

Post Work-out Snack

Post Work-Out Snack!

This, sometimes, is what will take me through a work-out. Just thinking that when I am done, I will get to sit down and enjoy a nice bowl of fresh fruit with a couple of teaspoons of plain yogourt.

And when I’ve been really really good, like tonight, I will even sprinkle a little bit of pure cane sugar on top. LOOOOVE that stuff!