Sweet Valentine’s Indulgence

If you have been reading me for a while now, you probably know that I like to indulge about once a month. I mean, really, indulge! And what better occasion than Valentine’s Day to go for a little (or big!) chocolate extravaganza!

I LOVE to bake and decorate cakes, but I don’t get to do this too often, as healthy and cake don’t really mix well togheter… So for Valentine’s day, I decided to make this super decadent extra rich flourless chocolate cake and decorate it with a few marzipan roses. It had been years since I had made that cake, or marzipan roses, for that matter. Needless to say it took me a long time to make each rose, but I think it was very well worth it in the end. And I was pretty happy with the way they looked. I expected to have lost the touch way more than I did, but much to my surprise, my roses still looked like roses!

What really motivated my decision to opt for that particular cake is that I didn’t need to buy anything at all in order to make it. I had ALL the ingredients that I needed, sitting in my cupboard, all leftovers from my Christmas cooking. That’s pretty much what dictated my choice of a cake for this month’s indulgence. That, and the fact that this cake is to die for, seriously. Think rich, dark, soft, it’s basically like a giant truffle: the only ingredients that go in it are dark chocolate (top quality, of course!), butter, heavy cream and eggs. Loads of them. Look at how rich and dense it is! It’s got to be at least 2 million calories a piece! (and I ate 2 pieces… but shhhht, don’t tell anyone!)

And of course, as if this wasn’t decadent enough, I had to make a salty caramel to go with it. Yet more sugar, butter and heavy cream!

At least, supper was somewhat healthy, even though I had too much to eat. We had chinese fondue, both chicken and beef, with a side of salad, some whole wheat bread and a few classic dipping sauces, such as cucumber garlic tzatziki style, black and green olive in sour cream and honey Dijon. Of course, all sauces were light and healthy. Low fat sour cream and plain yogurt was used instead of mayonnaise. Hey, I can’t be bad all the way, now, can I? ;o)


13 Comments to “Sweet Valentine’s Indulgence”

  1. Beautiful cake! Absolutely amazing job with the roses!

  2. Great Job with the roses and the cake looks like a real sinful treat 🙂

  3. Love how it looks so simple but beautiful. I don’t know why but it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. It could be the pearls. Love it! ❤

  4. Oh gosh, this is so amazing! The cake looks so moist, love it!

  5. Oh my, this cake looks beyond delicious. Your photographs are great as well! Is there no recipe for it though? (or is this one a secret? :P) I’m so tempted by this cake, I must make it!

    • Haha! It’s no secret, really! It’s just that initially, I only wanted to post healthy recipes on my blog so I had intentionally left that one out… but hey, if I can post pictures of the “nasties” that I eat, I guess I could post the recipes to make them as well! 😉

      It comes from one of my French recipe books, though. I suppose I could take the time to translate and post it. I think it’s very well worth it. 😀

      • That would be really awesome of you. No need to translate if it’s too much of a pain (fellow French Canadian here). Thanks so much! 🙂

      • Bah, translating it is no big deal, really… not much harder than transcribing! 😉 Plus, posting it in French wouldn’t be fair to my English readers, now would it… Talk about a major tease!!! 😉
        I shall take care of this as soon as I have a minute… or twenty!
        Were you planning on baking this anytime soon?

  6. Hah, that’s true. Yeah there’s no rush, take your time. I just really want to try this out! (Leave it to me to find the most unhealthy thing on your website haha)

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