Another Afternoon Snack…

I was really looking forward to that one! Allright, I can hear you say: there’s not much to it, it’s nothing but a multigrain toast with some almond butter and a banana…

But on a day like today, where it’s so cold out and been snowing all day, it became a nice warm, crunchy, yet soft and chewy piece of multigrain toast, coated with some warm, creamy, rich, melt-in-your-mouth almond butter, topped with an irresistibly sweet and tasty banana.

It was the kind of snack that makes your mouth water and makes you want to savor each and every bite. It makes it seem that, no matter how long you chew, it’s just not long enough.You just wish you could chew some more.

It’s one of those little things in life…


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