Seafood Pizza

You probably guessed by now that home made pizza is one of my favorite foods and one that I will have on a regular basis. I think that as long as your crust is made with whole grains, that you keep the toppings healthy and that you go easy on the cheese (go low fat when possible) pizza can be a very healthy meal.

Tonight, I opted for a seafood version. There was TONS of seafood on it. Scallops and shrimp. But that’s almost all that went on it. Apart from that, half a teaspoon of Garlic Flower, pepper, green and black olives and capers. Oh, and mushrooms. True. How could I forget. TONS of mushrooms also. I cooked them in a non stick pan before to put them on the pizza.

It was delicious!

Wonder what kind I will try next time…


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