Coquilles St-Jacques

I love Coquilles St-Jacques. It’s definitely right up there on my top 50 list (didn’t I say that not long ago about something else?) Anyhow, I really do love that dish, but don’t find it to be extremely healthy, with the usual bechamel and wine, butter and cream that goes in them, so I tried making a cleaner version. I have to say they turned out pretty good. Unfortunetaly, I don’t have a recipe, as I didn’t measure anything. Quite frankly, I didn’t have my hopes to high for that one.

I did keep the usual mashed potatoes, but I used 1% milk and low fat sour cream in them, no butter. The bechamel was replaced with a quick little sauce made with half an onion, a few tablespoons of whole wheat flour and again, 1% milk. The cheese, well, I did use sharp cheddar, but only 25g per coquille, so it’s not so bad. I haven’t come across a low fat version of that cheese yet, unfortunately. Shrimp and scallops, well, they didn’t need any modifications!

Once assembled, they looked just like the real thing, and they tasted pretty damn close to the original too!

Next time, I will make sure to measure and write down a proper recipe.


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