Onion Soup

This would be my daughter’s ultimate favorite meal. It was my first attempt at making one from scratch today. I think I did not too bad. I used yesterday’s turkey’s bones to make a stock and used that to make the soup. That and like 12 onions! That’s like 3 onions per bowl! The key is to cook them for a really long time and to get them really nice and caramelized. I missed a little bit on that last step because I cooked mine in the oven, since we were down in the basement watching Harry Potter (we started a Harry Potter marathon today… we’re 2 down, 4 to go. I think we will need to continue tomorrow…) but still, it worked out fine. Apparently, the secret to a great onion soup is to add a dash of nutmeg. Worked for me!

Again, not the healthiest meal in the world, but if you make it at home with quality ingredients to start with, that you make your own stock and remove the fat, that you use whole grain bread for croutons and low fat cheese, I think it can still be pretty decent.

Hey, gotta make your kids happy, sometimes! And this is just the season! :o)


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