Quick Cauliflower and Broccoli Soup

I am so full! I really shouldn’t have eaten that much, I know better than that. Shame on me! I will have to work a little harder tonight, I guess!

Well, anyway, before I go do that, I wanted to share what was on the menu tonight. I was alone and cooking for one again, so I whipped up an express Cream of Cauliflower and Broccoli, while preparing a Cauliflower and Kidney Beans salad for tomorrow night. That way, when I get home, I will have something to share as well as something to eat!

So, like I said, that soup was extremely easy to make. I simply diced a small onion, browned it in a saucepan, then grabbed some cauliflower and broccoli, about 400 grams worth in total (what, that’s like 100 calories…), tossed it in the pot with the onion, added some water to not quite cover the vegetables, a bit of salt, pepper, and about a tablespoon of concentrated vegetable stock, covered and simmered for about 10 minutes, until the vegetables were tender. I then pureed everything with a hand blenderadded about a half a cup of soy milk, stirred and ladled right into a bowl.  I topped it with a little bit of leftover chicken from the other night (I mean, seriously, that breast was huge, I didn’t eat the whole thing!) a few toasted walnuts (about 10g) and some blue cheese crumbles.  

Need I tell you it was delicious? Now, time to go work it out…Burn off those calories!


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